Friday, October 9, 2015

Better Behavior Starts in the Grocery Store

Better Behavior Starts in the Grocery Store! 

We've talked before about the better nutrition/better behavior link in the past. We believe in it so firmly, that when Dr. Lynne Kenney and I wrote BLOOM: 50 Things to Say, Think and Do with Anxious, Angry and Over-the-Top Kids, we made sure to include information about nutrition's impact on behavior. We've seen it with our own kids and with the thousands of kids with whom we've worked. It's the real deal. You can explore all the scholarly research you have time for by going HERE.

First and Foremost 

It's true that your relationship with your child is the number one tool you have to shape behavior and help your child learn to make good choices and do the right thing. It is in the context of relationships that all learning takes place, so that is always where our priority should be. In addition, though, things like routine, creating a calm home and providing good nutrition factor into our child's outward behavior. It all matters.


The impact of providing wholesome foods has a real and lasting effect on behavior. It's also real that it can be a challenge to get kids to eat the foods that are good for them: both for their bodies and their brains. The earlier we start promoting good nutrition, the easier it is to get kids on board. It's NEVER too late to try, either, if your kids are already junk food aficianados. Recently, Tosca Reno, Dr. Lynne Kenney and a host of other experts banded together with the sole mission of helping parents help their kids eat healthier. Everyone will be better for it. The changes you help your kids make today will make a REAL and lasting change in their future health.

{Click image to get printables!}

Fun and Games

So how does a parent go about getting their kids to go from sugary, pre-packaged snacks to more wholesome, healthy fruits and veggies? By making a game of it, of course! Now, all the guesswork is taken out of it! Just head over to Tosca Reno's site, to grab your printables!  They're FREE!

{Click image to see badges!}

Here's to your kids' (and your ) health!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Protecting Your Smart Phone with intelligGLASS

{Sponsored Post}

Shorten Your Worry List/Save Your Budget

There are plenty of things to worry about in life as a parent, how to protect the investment in your smart phone shouldn't be one of them. You work hard for your money and you want to make sure your budget isn't strained by unnecessary repair bills. You can check that worry right off your list when you use the intelliGLASS Hardened Screen Protector on your smart phone. I tried one out recently on my phone to see how well it held up to the manufacturer's claims.

Here's what the manufacturer shares about the product:

The inteliGLASS Hardened Glass Screen Protector is our leading line of screen protectors here at intelliARMOR, crafted with a unique layering process that combines the following;

An advanced silicone base layer that adheres to your phone or tablet’s screen easily and without bubbles  - all while leaving no residue.

An ultra-hardened REAL glass layer that has been specially treated to have greater scratch resistance than steel.  (try to scratch it with a set of car keys and you’ll see what we mean).

An oil and smudge resistant outer layer that repels fingerprints and makes cleaning your phone’s surface a snap.

Here's what I discovered:

Surpassed Expectations

Check, check and check! This screen protector more than surpassed my expectations. It was easily applied and created a quick, close bond to the phone's screen. There was absolutely no bubbling or buckling, like you get with some of the flexible screen protectors. This allows for perfect viewing of the screen, every time and from every angle. Score!

Super Durable

This screen protector is super durable. Though I couldn't bring myself to actually scratch the protector with my keys, I believe you probably could. I actually dropped my phone, glass side first, onto a man-hole cover while walking my dog. I was afraid to pick it up and look at the screen. Much to my delight, there wasn't a scratch on the screen protector and my phone's screen was spared. There is no question that my screen would have been shattered into a zillion pieces had I not had the screen protector on.

This big guy got a little excited on a walk, causing me to
drop my phone, glass-side first on a metal man-hole! YIKES!


Finally, if you're a person who gets frustrated with smudges and marks on your screen (hand lotions, make-up residue, etc.) you're going to love how amazingly easy it is to clean your phone's surface. Don't cringe, but as a busy mom, my usual mode of cleaning my screen consists of running across a pant-leg or sleeve. What was ineffective at best with the past screens I had, works like a charm with the intelliGLASS Hardened Glass Screen Protector.


Don't tell anyone, but this screen protector may put the companies that insure phones out of business. It works that well!

Note: This is a sponsored post. All thoughts are my own and reflect my actual experience in using this product. Contact us to have your product appear on our blog.

Friday, October 2, 2015

3 Tips to Help Struggling Middle School and High School Students

My Teen is Falling Behind in School

It's a complaint I hear all too often, "My kid is falling behind in school, not because he's not smart enough to do the work, but because he's distracted, he rushes through, he forgets to bring the right books and materials home...," the list goes on and on. If you parent a tween or teen, you also know that their interest in having you tell them how and when to do things is about as appealing to them as getting a root canal is to you! 

How's a Parent to Help: 3 Simple Ideas

Helping your tween or teen get back on the road to good grades, completed assignments and more confidence in their abilities can be as simple as:

1. Let Them Be Responsible: Giving our tweens and teens more responsibility for their own performance is a key step to helping them become more independent. It's a major developmental task in the teen years to individuate from you, which is why teens tend to seek out the input and ideas of their peers more than their parents. (Don't be fooled, though. Your teen needs you just as much now as when he was two. You just have to figure out new ways to help them get their needs met in way they can accept.)

2. Teach Them Skills: Good time-management and organization skills set the stage for better academics. These skills are often not taught in the school-setting for a variety of reasons. But they are crucial to your child's success. Make sure you child knows how to keep things organized, how to remember what they need to bring home every day at the end of the school day and how to "get it all done". Your child will need how to plan for short-range assignments (what's due tomorrow), as well as long-range assignments (what's due three weeks from now). No more frantic Thursday night science experiment for the expo that is due the next day for the science fair! Good time-management skills are going to help in middle school, high school and beyond. They'll be called upon in college in a big way and will continue to be utilized once your child enters the work force. Build good habits NOW!

3. Coach Enthusiastically: Okay, so this might be a different approach than you are used to, but it's so worthwhile. Rather than telling your child what they forgot to do, what they need to do or what they have to do, start engaging them in conversations and cheer them on from the sidelines.

Instead of saying, 

"You need to have that assignment finished tonight, or else," ask:

"Hey, how are things coming along with that assignment you've been working on?
"How far have you gotten?"
"How much more time do you think it will take to finish it?"
"Want to share with me what you've done so far?"
"Tell me about what you've learned most in working on this."
"What has been your favorite part of working on this? Your least favorite part?"
"What timeline did you set for yourself in finishing it?"
"How do you think you're doing so far?"
"How do you feel about your progress?"

Do you see how that changes things? It's a respectful way to acknowledge that your child is in charge of his assignments, but to indicate your interest as a parent. You are handing the responsibility for all of it squarely back to him. That changes EVERYTHING!

Try it. See if it doesn't help at your house! I guarantee, MOST of you will not be there to monitor your child's work habits at college. He needs to learn to do this FOR himself. Really!

But, I've Already Tried All of That!

Maybe you've tried all of the above and it still feels like a battlefield in your home when it comes to homework? We get it! Truly! And we can help!

What if we removed the hassle? What if we eliminated the back-and-forth struggle between you and your child and you could help him find some ways to be responsible for himself? What if you gave your child the opportunity to do it his way (with a little bit of expert support to get there) and you just could remove yourself (almost) from the equation? The Time Management for Teens (and Tweens) System was developed specifically for middle and high school students who might need an extra little nudge and some real assistance in how to "keep it all together". 

Time Management for Teens is Kidlutions exclusive product to help 
teens"get it together" and take responsibility for themselves. It's simply 
not your job to orchestrate every project and assignment for your teen. We 
know teens at Kidlutions. We've not only raised three of them, we've worked 
with thousands of them through the years. This is the same system we use 
in our office, now available to you! A multi-media resource providing slides
with voice-over from the author, audio, written materials, bonus worksheets 
and planners, as well as review sheets to check for understanding.
It's going to be totally worth the 
$56.99 retail price, 
but you don't
have to pay that price 
if you get it now!

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Just for Tweens and Teens (and MORE)

This product speaks DIRECTLY to teens, in language they can understand and "chunks down" the important aspects of organization and time-management. And, you can get it for 40% off NOW. This special won't be around forever, so grab yours while you can!

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Already Being Used Worldwide

Since this product debuted earlier this week, it has found its way into homes, therapy offices, school counselor's offices, tutoring agencies, teen mentoring offices and more, worldwide. If you use this for home use, you'll save hundreds of dollars hiring a tutor, mentor or coach to teach your child. If you are a professional working with tweens/teens, this product will more than pay for itself the first time you use it! And you can use it again and again as a professional.

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You can read more and see a quick video HERE.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Time Management System for Teens

Instant Download Product: 
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Includes REVIEW sheets 
(coming early next week for all who purchase at the introductory price)!

There's no TIME like the present to help teens with "Time Management"! That's because our NEWEST product has arrived....and it's currently available at an incredible savings as a special introductory offer. This product has been three years in the making because we wanted to make sure everything was just right...and that you'd get tons of value in this system that will help teens "get it together"!

Help Teens Focus, Complete Projects, Get Organized

If you are a parent who struggles with helping your child to improve their ability to focus, complete projects, get organized and do what's expected when it comes to school assignments, you already know how challenging it is to do this without reinforcement. You also know that your child doesn't always exactly listen to parental input. Far from it. it seems like your teen is on another wavelength completely. We know. We really do. That's why we developed the Time Management System for Teens.

For Coaches, Therapists and Teachers, Too!

If you are a coach, therapist or teacher, you know there are limited resources to teach kids the imperative organizational skills that will serve them across their lifespan. You know there is a dearth of products available that are so turnkey, you just have to press a button to help kids learn new skills. We've changed all that. We did it because we know. We know how hard it can be. That's exactly why we developed our newest product! We had a need for it ourselves! And it's available NOW at a substantial savings for everyone in our readership. It's how we always roll out new products. If you are not a subscriber to our newsletter, JOIN's FREE! Then, you'll always be apprised when new products are available at substantial savings! (Plus you'll get our Anger Toolbox for Kids, too! It's all FREE! The price is so right!)

Buy the New Release and Save

Our biggest product ever is going to be available for a limited time to parents, teachers, coaches and clinicians at a price that will make you smile. You'll have to grab it fast, though, because it's only gong to be available at the discounted price for a few days. This is just a head's up! Stay tuned. Folks on our mailing list are always the first to know! JOIN HERE for FREE!


Oh yes, there's more! In addition to all of the above, 
you will receive our review sheets, that check for understanding. 
These will be perfect to use if you are presenting this to a life skills 
or health class, or using it in group.The questions will relate 
directly back to the material presented, so this content can be used to 
augment your class or group curriculum.
Everyone who orders at the introductory price will receive the 
review questions by the beginning of next week. 

We think you're going to LOVE it!

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You'll use this product in your classroom and in your office with teens over and over again.
If you are buying for use at home with one teen, you'll save hundreds and hundreds of dollars
by avoiding office-visits and co-pays to teach your tween or teen these critical skills.

This is the very system we use in our office!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Parent with Less Scolding and Shaming

Parenting with Less Scolding and Shaming

Did you know...
"When we talk about disrespectful children, we must look at parenting. Solid parenting shows children respect and empathy. When a parent truly gives respect to a child, they receive it back. When this becomes the norm for the household, we see young people grow up with a loving value system that makes a difference in the world. However, when children are shamed, humiliated and then silenced, it represses the harm that may re-surface later in life. If this happens, it can be in the form of self-destruction or cruelty to others."   Karyl McBride, PhD
What Does It Look Like?

Solid parenting does show respect and empathy, but what does that look like in the real world? Parents came to us for years, asking that very question. Loving teachers asked it, too. This was never more true than when they were dealing with incredibly tough situations and behaviors that challenged even the most patient caregiver. 

I can picture all of these concerned individuals in my mind. We could probably fill Radio City Music Hall if we gathered them all together. And those were just the ones who were courageous enough to ask. We know there are many more out there, scratching their heads and asking the same questions.

No More Pondering!

We know that to help kids change their behavior, it sometimes requires that we change, too. As parents and caregivers, we need new things to say, think and do. It's the premise upon which our book was built.

Bloom was written to help parents and educators raise kids with less scolding and shaming and MORE support and that behavior change can occur more quickly and last for the long haul. We know it works...and so do those who have read our book and are starting to apply the concepts! 

I got an email from a mom today that said...

I enjoyed Bloom! I have been using a lot of breathing techniques and repeating my own mantras... They go something like this, 'My kids deserve to have a mom who is not bat *$%& crazy.'  Ha ha."

Calming Ourselves Down First

Isn't that the best? This mom is working on her calming herself down, so she could help her kids calm down, too! {We tell you all about it in the book!} You really do need to do this in your own voice and in a manner that helps you remember it best! That's what makes it more salient, more do-able...and what really allows it to work when the rubber meets the road.

BLOOMing Your Way

I loved that email more than this mom will ever know. It completely gives credence to what Dr. Kenney and I set out to do...create a book that could be 100% tailored to meet your needs. We invite you, in the book {see page 7}, to create your own mantras...and even provide colorful, blank mantra cards for you to do so {at the end of almost every chapter}! It gives me such joy to know that moms {and dads} are out there "doing" BLOOM their way! It's changing lives...and creating peace across the family at a time!

Coming next: How we are helping to "Create Classrooms that BLOOM!" It's not just homes with children that need to BLOOM...entire school districts and regions are starting to BLOOM, too! We'll show you that next!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Falling for #Feelings: Feelings Activities for Kids

Feelings and EvErYtHiNg

It's that time of year again and if you've been with us for a while, you KNOW this is one of my favorite times of year...the fall weather, the leaves, the back-to-school excitement, football...just EvErYtHiNg! I love it all!

As a clinician, I love how the season lends itself to dealing with feelings! We've tons of {free} resources and paid products to help you get through the season and teach the kiddos a thing or two about emotions. 
Here's our freebie line-up for starters:

Feelings Face Witch Freebie

Kidlutions Fall Resources

We also have a line of resources for purchase, that you'll use over and over again in your classroom, in your office, in your childcare center...wherever! Because you can print as many as you need for your personal use with your group, you'll pay just pennies per sheet, while teaching valuable life lessons!

You can read all about HERE and get the best available price!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Dorm Must Haves: Think Board

The Think Board is a Dorm Must Have

There's a whole lot of thinking that goes on at college. And writing. And more writing. There are midnight brainstorming sessions, notes to roommates, reminders about papers, plans for the big football game and that Saturday night date with the smart co-ed from Econ. And there's one place that can help you keep it all together and organized: The Think Board

What Makes It Perfect

The Think Board is a lightweight film of clear vinyl, dry-erase material that adheres directly to a flat surface without any sort of nails, screws, glue or putty. That makes it perfect for dorm rooms, where you can't leave a trace behind on the walls or even a hint that something was once hung there. The problem of how to hang up your memo board just got solved. But this is much more than a memo board! 

Think Board Was Developed by a College Student!

What Our College Reviewer Said

"I love the Think Board! It's easy to install, puts no holes in the wall and even more than being a great place to write down reminders to myself and keep track of what's coming due, it seconds as an awesome space for wall-art. I can doodle, draw and let my imagination run free. It provides unintended stress relief! Friends like to come in and doodle on it, too!"


The Think Board comes in several different dimensions (8-1/2” x 11”, 30” x 30” and 54” x 30”).  It also comes in two sizes of monthly calendars.  Each kit includes an Expo marker, spray bottle, squeegee (for installation), a set of Velcro dots (to attach the marker), and an instruction card. It can go on a desk, wall, table, refrigerator, or any other smooth surface. It can be repositioned and relocated to a new area, if needed. 

Here's the Think Board being used on a fridge.

In the Media

The Think Board recently made its television debut, too!

We loved the Think Board! We think you will, too!

Available at

This is a sponsored post. All thoughts are my own, and those of the college reviewer.

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