Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Peaceful Parenting Printables

Peaceful Parenting Printables

A parenting printable that reminds you what you need to do to relax, calm down, and be the parent you always wanted to be.  We debuted these printables more than three years ago, and they were quite popular! The only problem was they were hosted on a site that became so populated with ads and misleading downloads, that we abandoned using them for our downloadable PDFs.  

{Find HERE}

They're Back!

We got so many requests for these (which shows how intentional you all are about being calm parents...YAY!),  that we had to figure out a way to bring them back.  A computer crash meant lost files a few years ago, but we found a way to re-engineer these that was fairly pain-free!  We're so happy to offer these to you again!

{Find HERE}

Take Your Pick

Not only have we recreated this classic printable in the same variety of colors you loved, we've also included all of them in one easy to download pack! Print only the color(s) you need, or simply print in black and white or grayscale. Either way, this printable serves as a great reminder to us all to calm ourselves down so we can help our kids do the same!

{Find HERE}

We think you're going to love this, whether you print it out and hang it on your fridge, use it as a screensaver on your computer, or frame it and hang it in a prominent place (playroom, mantle, wherever!)

{Find HERE}

Find them all HERE! You'll have to go through our checkout process to get your download, but no worries...you won't have to enter any credit card information. These are FREE...no strings attached!

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More Free Stuff!

If you haven't become a Kidlutions member (it's FREE, too!) we hope you'll join us for more downloads HERE! When you join, you'll receive MORE than 12 FREE printables that help kids develop social-emotional skills.

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More CALM DOWN Strategies

Need more ideas on calming down, and helping your kids do the same? Sure! Hop on over to our post, Everybody Calm Down, which will give you more links to 12 posts that can help you do just that! 

Find it HERE!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Get Crafty with Free Tutorials

Get a Little Crafty

Looking to get a little crafty or learn a new skill?  Why not do it for FREE!  You can with Craftsy!  Check out our list below to see what catches your eye! There's something for almost everyone: cake decorating, gardening, photography, watercolor painting, sketching, paper crafting and woodturning. Which one strikes your fancy?

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Which Will You Try?

Which will you try? All of them? That's mighty ambitious of you...and smart, too...because you won't pay a dime to try your hand at any of the above activities. Yours for the asking...and many of the downloads include coupons to try out more in depth classes.  The company who offers this (Craftsy) is affilated with JoAnn Fabrics, so you know it's a company you can trust.  

By the way, if you click through and sign up for a freebie or join a class, we do get a small referral fee.  We use that money to help develop new product freebies and keep this blog running! If you have a blog or website, you're welcome to join Craftsy, too.  You can do so right HERE, by scrolling down to the bottom left where it says, "Our Affilate Program".  

Raising Positive Thinkers

Raising Positive Thinkers

Raising a child who thinks positively is one key to success that's often overlooked.  We may focus on homework, grades and sports (and all of those things are wonderful), but without a positive outlook, every single one of those things becomes more of a challenge.

Don't believe me?

Well, who do you think would be more successful?

a)     The person who believes he can achieve anything, become whomever he wants, follows up with swift action, and can breeze past mistakes and start over, or:

b)    The person who complains about anything, is indifferent about everything, and gets nothing done out of feelings of hopelessness and failure.

Obvious, huh?

But just how can we go about raising kids who think more like the former rather than the latter?

There are many things we can do each day to foster a positive outlook in our kids.  Here are some of our tips:

1.     It all starts with us. From a young age, our children pick up on more than we know. While we may live by the notion that we should always put our kids first, we also have to balance that with our own self-development. Because, when we think positively, so will our kids.

2.     Keep ourselves in check. Just as with leading by example, we must watch our reactions, especially when things go awry. If someone gets hurt or we learn some bad news, we need to fight the urge to have a negative reaction. If we yell or outwardly worry, we'll affect your children. Here are some ideas for stress management for the entire family.

  • We can teach our children that sometimes things don't go our way, but eventually the tides will turn. Also, we can allow them to hear us “talk ourselves through” tough times. For example: “Oh, this is tough.  I’m going to take a few breaths and figure out what to do.  I’ll handle this.  I’ll get through this!”  The goal is not to deny difficult feelings, the goal is to acknowledge them and deal with them effectively! That’s a game-changer!

3.     Silver linings. As our children learn and develop, they'll be faced with all sorts of challenges. Some of them will be easy, while others…not so much. We can point out the silver linings in any challenge our child may be facing. We can start doing this when our children are very young.  This can really give kids a leg-up on dealing with disappointment and help them start to see alternative ways of looking at the same problem.

4.     Thought makeover. When our child is in the midst of a tough challenge, such as being overwhelmingly sad, he may mention the idea of giving up. That's where we come in! Perhaps there's an angle to the problem that our child hasn't tried yet. Our kids rely on us to give them a fresh perspective.

5.     Promote laughter. Laughter breeds happiness and positive feelings. Our children will each have a unique sense of humor. We can play into that by promoting situations that your child finds funny.

  • We can play games, go to shows, or simply have a good time together as a family.

A Happy Healthy Home

When we remember to treat our children in a calm and loving manner, they'll be more likely to do the same with others. If your child tends to panic, don't scold them for this behavior. Put them at ease as best as you can and show them that there's a solution to their problem. If you panic, the situation can quickly spiral into an unhealthy cycle. If you have trouble managing your own reactions, I highly recommend you check out BLOOM: 50 Things to Say, Think and Do with Anxious, Angry and Over-the-Top Kids (Spring 2015).  It’s a game-changer.

In the end, there's no right or wrong way to raise your kids. Do what's best for your family in the way you know how. When you maintain a happy and healthy home, your children will learn to have hope and think positively! That’s a gift that will last a lifetime!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Chill Your Anger for Kids

Helping Kids with Anger

Helping kids manage big angry feelings is something we've been doing for more than two decades at Kidlutions.  If you know the value of helping kids deal with BIG feelings, we think you're going to love this cute little project to do with youngsters.  It's fun, quick easy and it can really make a difference to help kids think intentionally about some ways to manage their anger. 

How We Did It

You'll Need:

Glue Stick |  Tape | Stapler (any of these will work)

1. We cut a circle out of brown construction paper and cut a slit to the halfway mark (center) of the circle.  We drew criss-cross lines on the construction paper to mimic a waffle cone.

2. We shaped the circle until it formed a cone and stapled it in a few places to hold it. You can also use tape or a glue stick.

3. We crunched up pink construction paper and used tape to hold it. This formed the "scoop" of ice-cream.  

4.  We cut out strips of construction paper, on which the child wrote ideas for coping with anger.

This child chose:

Scream in a pillow.

Go outside.

Talk about it.

5.  The sentence strips (anger coping tools) were then put inside the cone and the "scoop" of ice cream was added to the top. It can be stapled or glued on one side, to hold it together if desired.

Viola! There you have it.  A Chill-Out Ice Cream Cone for Anger! Easy peasy, just the way we like it!

And yes, that's Lori Lite's Stress Free Kids book you see 
on the cabinet in my office. LOVE IT! I'm honored to have 
written the chapter in her book about grief and loss.

To expand upon this notion, get our exclusive resource, Ice Cream Cones and Frozen Pops, with more ideas that really help kids chill their anger!  Based on the skills from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, this activity-packed book will become a quick favorite of yours! Read all about it HERE.

More Support for Angry Children

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

My Three Wishes Free Printable

Get the printable HERE!

My Three Wishes

Our newest free printable is excerpted from our resource, The Playful Therapist, a guide that helps therapists, counselors, kid coaches and MORE help get the information they need to do their best and most meaningful work with children and adolescents.  

The Playful Therapist saves time, money and planning for professionals who use it.  

Use Anywhere, Anytime!

You can use this printable as a projective technique in therapy, but it can also be used just for fun in the classroom (teaching kids to DREAM BIG), at a scouting event, in a childcare setting, in a camp, or anywhere kids are!

What's particularly flexible about this printable is that it can be used with the youngest of children, all the way through the teen years! Younger kids can draw pictures in the clouds, while older kids and teens may wish to write and/or draw!

Find the printable HERE. Have fun!

You can see the entire resource, which boasts more than 20 activities, HERE!

The Playful Therapist

Child & Adolescent Therapy Made Easier

Every Child and Adolescent Therapist knows how much planning and intentionality it takes to do good work with their young charges.  They also know that the relationship drives everything...that connecting with a child on a heart level, putting themselves squarely in the child's corner and building rapport with that child provides the foundation for future successful interventions.

In fact, those things all transform a good therapeutic experience into an extraordinary therapeutic experience.  

Enter: The Playful Therapist

For use by therapists, school counselors, speech therapists,
kid coaches and MORE!

Your Job Just Got Easier

When you use The Playful Therapist, you:

~ Make your job easier by saving hours of prep-time, and planning

~ Have everything together in one handy place to help creatively gather information from children and adolescents

~ Have a variety of techniques and evaluation tools at your disposal, including: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques, projective techniques, affective assessment, playful approaches to identifying and targeting areas of need for goal-setting and MORE

~ Will gather an incredible amount of information that will inform your practice.  You can go back again and again to refer to a child's stated needs and hopes.  You can also gauge progress by having clients fill out a NEW, blank worksheet as treatment progresses, to see what has changed over time!

~ Will be able to use our printables as a springboard to further discussion. We encourage you to expand these notions by creating further, interactive interventions to dig deeper!

What's Inside

You'll get more than 40 pages, containing more than 20 activities to use in therapy or counseling with children and adolescents.  

A Peek Inside

This is just a small sampling of what you'll get in The Playful Therapist. This resource will become a trusted, tried and true guide that you'll return to again and again in your work with children and adolescents.  

This resource offers so much bang for your buck.  With the time it will save you, it pays for itself the first time you use it!  It's one of the biggest bargains on the planet for therapists! We think you're gonna love it!

Buy Now!
Just $11.00 during
our Introductory Special.
Ends Friday 2/20/15
@10pm EST.
                                            Add to Cart

P.S. If you will be using this resource with multiple therapists, please contact us HERE, for additional licensing.  At just $5.00 per additional therapist, you'll get GREAT value.  And, we'll never charge you for more than 5 extra therapists...no matter how many you have using it!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Fifty Shades of Objectification: Protect Your Teen's Heart

Protecting Teens' Minds and Hearts

Protecting our teens' minds and hearts is a big job, but one that's well worth the time. Our children don't outgrow our need for guidance once they hit the teen years. In fact, providing a strong, steady voice and presence in our teens' lives, while allowing them have some independence, makes all the difference in their future.

Valentine's Day, Love and Media Hype

It's almost Valentine's Day, and Fifty Shades of Grey will hit the theaters to kick off the celebration of love. Yet, Fifty Shades of Grey has NOTHING to do with love. In fact, the book and movie could well be renamed Fifty Shades of Objectification.  Still, teens old enough to get into R-rated movies will flock to this show, wanting to see what all the media hype is about.  And you can be sure that your teen knows all about this movie.  It's plastered everywhere teens go. Namely: social media.

When I saw a recent article about this movie pop up in Dr. Lynne Kenney's social media thread, I was compelled to click through.

Nothing Sexy About Being an Opportunist

On a psychological level, there is nothing sexy about Fifty Shades of Grey. This article, A Psychiatrist's Letter to Young People About 50 Shades of Grey, by Dr. Miriam Grossman, outlines the reasons why. I hope you talk to your teens about this movie...and share the reality of what's behind an opportunist relationship where one human being objectifies another. Nothing good comes of relationships like this. When teens see or read these sorts of things, it becomes part of their schema of what is "normal", what is "right".

It's Not About Sex 

This isn't about the sex, it's about objectifying human beings. Make sure your teens know the difference. I can assure you they are talking about it. If you are uncomfortable discussing this with your teen...make sure to share the article by Dr. Grossman with them at the very least. This is not a prudish,  puritanical argument against the content in this book/movie...it's about being human...and making sure teens understand what HEALTHY, LOVING relationships really look like. Hopefully, we've all modeled that well. 

Glorified Objectification

This glorified version of objectification is disturbing on many levels. Add teens to the mix...and it becomes downright confusing. This psychiatrist echoes what mental health clinicians know to be true. There is an inherent imbalance of power in the unhealthy relationship portrayed in this book/movie. The good doctor outlines why in her article.

This topic is so important. Your teens' view of what constitutes a healthy relationship is at stake.

Educate your kids...or someone else will. I promise you!

What do you think?

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Teens: Get Motivated FAST

Teens: Get Motivated
Getting the motivation to do something – whether it’s picking up your room or getting that 10-page report done for class– seems easy enough, but many teens struggle to get the motivation together to get started.
Excuses, Excuses
It's easy to come up with excuses: A friend stops by. Social media is calling your name. The task is too big. Tomorrow’s a better day to get started. Right? There are a million reasons we don’t act, but almost always the consequences of our inaction are guilt and regret.
You’ll be glad to discover that you can stop that vicious cycle of inaction and regret and become the self-motivated teen you only dreamed you could be!
Here are some tips on how to motivate yourself, even when you’ve hit a setback, are in a slump, or haven’t even begun to figure out what you want from life. Do any of those situations sound familiar?
Our FAST Plan 
We've developed a F.A.S.T. plan to help you.  We'll keep it short and sweet.
1.      Focus. Focus on just one goal at a time. Even if you’re working toward improving several areas of your life, focus on each goal separately. This helps to keep you from feeling overwhelmed and prevents you from giving up before you get started. Flush out everything else from your mind, and keep your energies focused on the one goal.
  • Develop a tunnel vision focus to tune out unimportant tasks and distractions.
2.      Assume success. Imagine yourself reaching your goal. Believe it. See it. Do it!
  • Envision yourself with that "A", with the part in the play you wanted, or on the sports team you desire!
3.      Start small. Determine the tasks necessary to reach your goal. Now divide these tasks into a series of smaller tasks. Continue this process until you’ve obtained tasks that you know you can accomplish. It’s like bite-size chunks. When the chunks are small enough, you know you won’t be biting off more than you can chew at one time!
  • Attaining many small goals on your way to the big goal keeps you happy and motivated with constant successes.
4.      Tell people about your goals. By telling people about your goal, you are making a pact that you will follow-through. Tell your friends, family and coworkers to energize your motivation.
Telling other people about your goals commits you further to accomplishing it. It's a bold move to tell people what you plan on doing, as it gives you accountability.
Make It Happen!
Those four easy steps will have you closing in on your goals than if you had no plan at all.  Stick to it and don't give up.  When you reach one goal, set your sights on the next! You've got this!
Need more support in getting motivated?
Check out our new resource:
Whether you work with teens or are
raising teens, you're going to love it!
Find it all HERE!

How to Motivate Teens

Motivating Teens

The thing about motivating teens is that it's not an "outside" job.  The simple truth is YOU cannot motivate them.  

They need to learn to motivate themselves. But how?

We've spent some time thinking about just this question and "Get Motivated for Teens" is our answer!

What You Get

Our Complete System for motivating teens (or rather, helping teens become self-motivated) includes our Get Motivated Guide AND our Get Motivated Workbook (which helps teens work through it all, step-by-step). 

Valued at $89.00

With our guide and workbook, you'll explore:

Here's a sneak peek:

PLUS, You'll Get...

Being motivated requires certain aspects of mental toughness.  Therefore, you'll also get 6 downloadable, professionally rendered MP3s covering a variety of topics related to 
motivation and success:

The MP3s are recorded by a voice-over artist.

Valued at $37.00

You'll also get a transcript of each MP3,
for those who prefer the written format.

PLUS, You'll Get...

Finally, you'll get 5 affirmations to build positive thinking. Each affirmation comes on its own sheet, complete with questions to consider.

Valued at $10.00

How It Can Help

This system can help teens:

~ Pinpoint what motivates them

~ Make better decisions and put them into action

~ Learn a neurocognitive strategy that can change EVERYTHING

~ Learn how to overcome negativity

~ Learn how to transform themselves

~ Learn 19 motivational strategies

~ Learn how to use motivational quotes for inspiration

and MORE!

A Recap of What You'll Get

This resource can help with homework or just about anything
that requires motivation!

These clinical strength interventions can be used at home,
in the classroom or in the counseling office.

When it comes to teens (and anyone, really)...nagging never works
...at least not for the long term.  Real results come from within! 
Get Motivated for Teens can help!

Get the full 
"Get Motivated for Teens" Kit
JUST $89.00

                                           Add to Cart
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